Co-packing means that we repack ready cosmetics into a more stylish packaging.

Co-packing is like dressing up your cosmetics into a new stylish outfit.

Your consumers for sure love your product but without a stylish outer packaging it is difficult to achieve commercial success. By ordering us to pack cosmetics, you give your products new and beautiful embodiment.

Co-packing has many faces. Depending on individual needs, we offer various types of services. Sometimes it is a simple repacking of finished products— replacing a slightly damaged package with new and refreshed one, and putting there your cosmetic. Co-packing can also mean repacking cosmetics from a bulk to smaller units or reverse operation.

Packaging and manufacturing

For those who have greater needs, we offer a wider range of services. We can deal with your product comprehensively. You deliver cosmetics in bulks (intended for bottling), and receive from us ready, from head to toe dressed, consistent with your concept product. Nonetheless, packaging and manufacturing cosmetics is not everything that we can do for you.

Creating packages from top to bottom

We have been involved in a process of creating ready cosmetics— in particular perfumes, gel polish, mascaras, lipsticks, and lip glosses. Designing a package is a natural part of this process. We are looking for such an outer package that will represent in the best way the product that is inside.

People judge a book by its cover. In view of this principle, we create packages that will distinguish products and make them charming. We can design a package for you too.  Together, we will create a concept, choose the best material and solutions. Our experience is at your disposal.

Beautiful and functional

The end result— beautifully packed cosmetics— is the sum of many activities and good decisions that are taken during the creation process. As important as aesthetics is also the functionality of the package and its durability. We always choose solutions that will facilitate and enhance the use of cosmetics. Packaging cosmetics is a skill of combining beauty and functionality in one form.