Manufacturing/ bottling

Bottling cosmetics on request

In elegant jars, in beautiful perfume flacons, in bottles with convenient dispensers. Liquid perfumes, thick creams, gel polish. We put in the packaging the most valuable— your finished product. We meticulously prepare it for the selling process and for use by consumers.

What actually is cosmetics manufacturing?

When your ideal product is almost ready but it still needs to be put into an intended container and package. However, in terms of technology, it is not so easy if you do not have your own manufacturing line and the right machines. Then we enter. We will bottle your cosmetics and put into intended packages.

Not to miss a single drop

The true value is hidden inside of the package. Every cosmetic has its own consistency and properties. It can be really thick, liquid or can be very foamy. It requires the use of different bottling systems. This is a matter of well-developed production line which we have, and in that we are able to manufacture a variety of cosmetics— perfumes, creams, gel polish, mascara, lipsticks, lip glosses, thick or thin substances of different purposes.

Manufacturing and packaging cosmetics is a process that demands precision. Because we have been doing it for years, we care for high quality and precision that make the final package neat and aesthetic. Our aim is to help in the selection of such packaging that will correspond as much as possible to the nature and purpose of the cosmetic.

Packaging and manufacturing— aesthetics and functionality

To pack your cosmetics we can use various packages. Shape, size, and material are the matter of selection. We try to make them not only beautiful but also utility, as a packaging is a showcase of what is inside. The comfort of using a cosmetic is an important element of the whole product. We choose the right type of dispenser, closure, and caps. We also have in mind the durability of a package that is as important as its aesthetics.