Shrink sleeve labels

Shrink sleeve labels— fitting perfectly

When we consider perfect fitting, shrink sleeve labels have no equal. You can let your imagination run wild and choose a package for your product with the most irregular shape. As a result, we receive a label that is precisely adhering to the surface. How do we achieve this effect?

Sleeve labeling is a process in which we print on the surface of PET, PVC and OPS film. We apply a desired pattern and let heat work. Under its influence, the label takes the shape of the package, begins to shrink and closely adheres to it. Importantly, the labeling of the sleeve allows the pattern to be applied to the reverse side of the film. Thanks to this, the label is more resistant to external factors.

Sleeve labels for challenges

Shrink sleeve labels have one more great advantage. They are made of a very resistant material. Mechanical damage, water, temperature differences, chemicals cannot do them much harm. Thanks to them, the graphic design of the packaging remains intact for a long time. They are worth using on cosmetics that are often packed and carried with other items. Every woman will appreciate the cosmetic, which, after a long time of use, is as beautiful as the new one on the store shelf.

You can also apply to your cosmetic a protective label, thanks to which you can be sure that the product has not been opened, and has retained all its valuable properties.

Shrink sleeve labels— go beyond standards

Stand out or die— an immortal marketing slogan that is not so easy to be put into practice. Usually, it is a concept that has to be outstanding. Sometimes going beyond the cliché requires a lot of intellectual effort. When we come up with an exceptional idea, the implementation of it is not always simple or even possible. Therefore, all products, services or technologies that bring us closer to doing something more special, are worth their weight in gold. Heat-shrinkable labels bring us closer to perfection. They open up a wider field for the imagination and encourage to look for these less standard solutions.