Labeling cosmetics is a small but big thing.

Labels give an elegant look to the package. They are a finishing touch. They are art. Precision and technique matter here. The end result must be perfect— just like the project itself.

When looking at a package we see a finished product. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Layperson won’t notice the nuances that made the product look just perfect.

Aesthetics is a matter of knowing the entire labeling process from the inside out. Not only have we mastered the process but also we want to share it with you.

Packaging and labeling

At the first stage, we will advise you in choosing the right packaging in the right shape and material. The greater the technological possibilities of labeling, the wider field for the imagination. As a result, the finished product is even more customized to the needs of future recipients and visions of our customers. In Packaging Factory we make use of modern technologies which enable us to label the most demanding packages— flat, round, irregularly shaped, small and quite large. We can provide you with labels that work great on a variety of surfaces. We cover glass, plastic, and cardboards of different thickness. If the final product has to be in boxes, we also offer packaging and labeling as a full service.

Cosmetics labeling in the process of creating your own brand

The visual experience is the most important aspect when you look at a product for the first time. The packaging and label are the showcase of its interior. The associations, that arise in a natural way, affect a perception of the product. You can afford more in Packaging Factory— experiment with materials and shapes.

During the whole process, we cannot forget about quality. Not only do we catch consumers’ interest with an interesting form but also with functionality and durability of labels and packages which have a tremendous impact on perceiving a product and its’ positioning. High level of aesthetics and eye—catching form— these are the features of our packages.